The right pillow is critical for getting your best night’s sleep.  There are 13 basic types of pillows from which to choose.

1. Body pillow.  Oversized pillow designed to cradle and support the entire length of the body.

2. Memory foam.  Polyurethane with added chemicals increases viscosity and density.  Reacts to body heat and pressure, molds to support the neck and head.

3. Contour pillow.  Shaped for back and side sleepers.  The middle curves down to support the head and neck.

4. Down pillow.  Softest option, filled with the delicate fluff from waterfown.

5. Feather pillow.  Similar to down, filled with feathers.

6. Buckwheat pillow.  Actually stuffed with the hulls of buckwheat.  Inexpensive and heavy.

7. Latex pillows.  Material harvested from rubber trees.  Good for allergy sufferers and those with neck and back pain.

8. Polyester pillows.  Considered the poor man’s cotton.  Filled with man-made fibers and the most popular pillow type.

9. Water pillows.  A hybrid with a polyester top and water cushion bottom.

10. Microbead pillows.  Filled with polystyrene beads common to bean bags.

11. Synthetic fiber pillows.  Made from synthesized polymers.

12. Cotton pillows.  Very soft, 100% pure, natural and absorbent.

13. Wool pillows.  Comfortable but can retain heat.  Natural, breathable material.

The best pillow for you depends on your specific needs.  A latex contour pillow is best for many because it encourages sleep on the sides, the best of the common sleep positions.


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