Do you usually stay up late and get up later in the morning?  Or are you usually “early to bed, early to rise”?  The answer may indicate your overall wellness.


Sleep patterns often lead to stereotypes.  Early risers are energetic go-getters.  Night owls get up later and are grumpy and slow.  A recent study by Northwestern University put some science to the assumptions.


The sleep patterns of 400,000 adults age 38-73 were studied over time.  Age, gender, economic situations and ethnicity all were balanced in the study.  It was found that those describing their normal bedtime as predominately late were found to have a higher prevalence of metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and even shorter life spans.  Part of the problem is that society is “wired” for the early risers with schedules geared toward their behavior.  This creates stress on those whose biological clock is different.


While biology is a primary factor there are things you can do to lessen the impact of a night owl lifestyle.  Don’t eat meals late at night.  Get plenty of exercise.  Reduce or eliminate alcohol use.


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